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N-Focus 5.0 Available Now

N-Focus 5.0 Available Now

We are pleased to announced that N-Focus 5.0 is available now. The latest release provides several functionality enhancements, of particular interest are the sub-administrator permission roles, user defined time zone and centralized custom report control. Read below for details.

Sub-administrator permission roles

We’ve added two new permission roles – Group Administrators and User Administrators. This will allow Administrators to assign other users certain administrator permissions over Groups or Users. Many of our customers have multiple divisions that need to be managed internally. This will enable customers to have master administrators who can control everything, and divisional administrators who can only control Groups and Users within their division.

User-defined time zone support

Displayed times can now be set to a user’s time zone rather than the PBX time zone.

Centralized custom report control

Now users can modify a custom web report and distribute those changes instantly, without changing the report URL.


 Other updates in this release include:

  • Real-time reports can be aggregated by groups.
  • Audio alerts will repeat at the refresh rate specified for the real- time auto refresh report containing the Web Trigger.
  • The ‘Split Stats’ report has been upgraded to a full-fledged report page with auto-refresh button, triggers, custom report, and other standard report elements.
  • Real time system reports now collect all Split / Skill data
  • JTAPI connections will restart if connection is lost for more than 60 seconds.
  • Updated backup/restore to support versions of MySql >= 5.5.


Click here to download the change log.