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N-Focus Plus 3.3 Available Now

N-Focus Plus 3.3 Available Now

We are pleased to announced that N-Focus Plus 3.3 is available now. The latest release provides several functionality enhancements, of particular interest is the support for importing any available fields from the hourly CMS database tables and enabling the real-time split report to open an agent tab for Extension calls. Read below for details, or you can view the change log summary here or log into the customer portal for the full change log.

Import available fields from CMS database
N-Focus can now be configured to import any available fields from the hourly CMS database tables. Custom labels can also be provided for each field imported. See the customfields.xml file in /tomcatbase/webapps/niks/extensions/cms/conf/ folder for configuration details.

Real-time Split Report can now open Agent tab for Extension Calls
Clicking on an Extension Calls cell will open a tab in the Agent’s section listing all agents on extension calls for the selected split.

Real-time chart legend
Display Legend option added to Real-time chart report options.

Easy-to-read bar graph labels
Bar graphs now rotate labels if there are more than 6 items included in the graph.

Improved data collection for historical fields in real-time reports
Daily interval data is now accumulated during import, reducing the number of queries to the N-Focus database.


 Other updates in this release include:

  • N-Focus can now be configured to collect data for any number of AUX Reason codes from 0 to 100.
  • Administrators can now upload new license keys through the web interface.
  • The database size estimator tool allows administrators to estimate their storage needs.


The N-Focus Plus 3.3 release includes the cumulative enhancements from previous releases:

N-Focus Plus 3.2

View change log summary here.

Improved Historical Data Retrieval Performance
Interval data is now summarized by day. Accessing this summary data decreases the time it takes to generate a historical report. Whether to use the summary data is controlled by a setting which can be configured by the Admin and be applied to all users (global), or each user can configure it individually. All daily summarized data is only available in the time zone of the PBX the data was collected on.

Improved Historical Data Retrieval Performance – Global Configuration
Administrators can now force all users to use the PBX time zone to retrieve historical data faster.

Improved Historical Data Retrieval Performance – User Configuration
If the global property is not set, and the user is using a different time zone than the PBX, the user has the option to use the same time zone as the PBX to retrieve data faster.


N-Focus Plus 3.1

View change log summary here

Improved Real Time Split/Skill Report
Users can now view multiple Splits/Skills in a single Real Time Split/Skill Report, filter Splits/Skills by Name or Command Group, and view Agents In Field Reports for the following fields: Staffed, Avail, AUX, ACD, ACW, Other. Users can also aggregate Split/Skill Reports by command group.

Use Open ID Connect to log-in to N-Focus
N-Focus can be configured to use an OpenID Connect provider to authenticate users.

Added repeat option for audio alert Web Triggers
Audio alerts will repeat at the refresh rate specified for the Real- Time Auto Refresh Report containing the Web Trigger.

MySQL Optimization improves historical data retrieval
Improved querying of MySQL Database allows users to view Historical Data faster.

Open Real-Time Reports using Visual Basic Script
Configure the RealTimeLink.vbs file to open customized Real Time Reports on startup / login. See Admin guide for more information.

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