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Client Gets Insight Into Call Center Activity with N-Focus

ER Solutions Inc., a national receivables company with over 50 years of experience, recently chose N-Focus as a solution to provide real-time access to clients via the web. ER Solutions employs 1,100 professionals in four call centers, providing consumer accounts receivable management services from day one to statute. One of the company's outsourcing call centers, located in Renton, WA, began working with a client that required reporting capabilities that exceeded those of the center's current solution.

Real-time access to call center data was the most critical element of the client's requirement for the call center. The call center's current reporting solution lacked such sophistication. Additionally, the solution made report generation a difficult and time-consuming process, without the options to customize reports or send them easily via the web. The stage was set for ER Solutions to source a more robust and user-friendly reporting solution for their call center to meet their client's requirements.

Before ER Solutions independently searched for a solution, their business partner offered a high-end and high-priced solution. The high price of the recommended solution forced the company to initiate a search for a robust, yet affordable solution. A brief online search led to the discovery of NetLert's N-Focus software. Mike Granberry, Director of Outsourcing, realized that, as an outsourced call center, N-Focus was an ideal solution to satisfy the most immediate need for their client: real-time reporting via a web page.

Granberry stated, "The abilities for our client to access data based on privileges and to view real-time stats via the web is critically important in our relationship as an outsourced call center." The 100% web-based architecture of N-Focus is the key benefit to the call center and its client. This architecture allows the client to log in and view real-time and historical reports at any time, and from anywhere. All that is required of the client is a web browser. Further, there are no limitations for the client on the number of users that can log in to the software. These features of N-Focus combined to provide a clear picture of the call center for the client.

N-Focus has benefited ER Solutions' call center managers and supervisors as well. The built-in report generator allows supervisors to schedule historical reports to run at any time. Granberry commented that, "with N-Focus we have the ability to customize reports that we did not have before. The email function is particularly impressive. It is a huge time saver to have reports sent automatically at the close of each day. When I arrive the next day they are waiting in my mail in the format I need." These reports can then easily be sent to on and off-site call center personnel or to clients via email.

N-Focus staff and technical support received praise from Granberry as well. "They answered all of our questions and provided the solution my client was seeking. The whole implementation process, from setting up the initial demo to install, was simple and seamless."

"In the future, N-Focus will allow us the flexibility to grow without adding additional software," said Granberry. As more companies seek outsourcing call center operations, as ER Solutions' client has done, NetLert's N-Focus software will continue to provide powerful, real-time insight into those operations.

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