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Avaya Call Center Reporting

N-Focus Plus for CMS

More Call Center Data to More People

In today's rapidly changing contact center environments, more people need access than ever before to critical contact center performance data. Many of today's larger companies have contact center operations around the world, both internally and through outsourcers. These dynamic, 24x7 call center environments require managers to be able to keep their fingers on the pulse of call center activity, at any time and from any where. N-Focus Plus integrates with Avaya's CMS to allow an unlimited number of users to access performance data via a web browser. That means managers, supervisors, and even agents can view call center performance reports. The data each user can access is controlled by a robust 'permissions' authorizations scheme.

Why is a web-based contact center reporting solution so important?

  • Performance information can be viewed from anywhere
    A manager in San Francisco can have a window into the operations of a call center in Kansas City. It means that an outsourcer can provide report access to their client so the client can see first hand what kind of call activity the outsourcer is handling for them and how the outsourcer is performing. Reports can be automatically scheduled for distribution in PDF format via Email.
  • Ease of Deployment
    There is no software to install or update on the user's desktop. A web browser is all that is required. When it is time to upgrade N-Focus Plus, the upgrade takes place centrally, at the server. Now features and options can be rolled out instantly to all users.
  • Powerful Permissions Administration
    Administrators can grant users any level of report and administration access. Team Leaders and Supervisors can be assigned Administration authority to administer privileges for their subordinates. Administration can be managed by call center personnel rather than scarce IT or Telcom people.
  • Anyone Can be Authorized to View Reports
    Performance data can be provided to many users in the organization, including the agents. The desktop applet provided with N-Focus Plus provides agents with a real-time view of call activity.
  • Access Reports with Mobile Devices
    Supervisors who are routinely on the floor and away from their desks can access real-time displays via wireless or wi-fi devices.

All of the great features of N-Focus are now available for CMS users. N-Focus Plus connects to multiple CMS servers to collect both real time and historical call data.

Click here to view a product tour or request a live demonstration with one of our N-Focus Plus specialists. You can also view a recorded webinar of N-Focus Plus.