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Healthcare Vertical Market takes off with N-Focus

NetLert has seen an increase in Healthcare customers over the last few years. The healthcare vertical market now makes up the largest industry for the N-Focus product. N-Focus is a great fit for this market for many reasons:

  • EASY TO USE: N-Focus is easy to use and most healthcare operations are not the traditional call center. Managers want something simple to quickly and easily find out what’s happening in their department without extensive training.
  • UNLIMITED SUPERVISOR VIEWS: N-Focus has unlimited supervisor views, allowing each department to login and see real-time and historical data without having individual licenses. Hospitals, for example, are made up of hundreds of departments with 2-5 people answering the phone for each department; N-Focus does not require each of those departments to have a license.
  • EASY TO DISTRIBUTE TO MANY USERS: N-Focus is 100% web-based, requiring just a web browser to view the data. IT resources are not required to deliver N-Focus to every department that needs access.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: The cost of N-Focus is in line with today’s budgets, especially in the healthcare industry.

Keep in mind that NetLert offers a 15 Day Trial for N-Focus. This is a 20 minute process and you do not need a dedicated server for installation. NetLert will assist with the install and brief training for the trial at no charge.

Please contact us for more information.

About NetLert

Based in the mountains of Western North Carolina, NetLert produces a variety of communications and reporting tools for the contact center industry. The company initially offered its enterprise level instant messaging solution, NetLert IM, but has continued to evolve, focusing on developing and refining new software products. Today, NetLert is uniquely positioned in the market place, providing innovative products based on leading-edge technology to contact centers of all sizes. For more information, please visit