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Avaya Call Center Reporting

MAX Well Medical Finds Cure in N-Focus

MAX Well Medical, with the assistance of Technology Management Group (TMG), implemented the N-Focus Call Management System, a reporting package that works in conjunction with their Avaya Definity switch ACD. NetLert Communications' N-Focus solution provides a wealth of real-time and historical reports from data collected from the ACD and delivers it to unlimited number of client computers, via the web, either on demand or continuously.

When MAX Well Medical, a nationwide medical supply and prescription drug service based in Nashville, TN, recently decided to redesign, upgrade, and consolidate their call center, they hired call center consultant TMG to be their technical advisors. As the new system took shape, TMG searched for an economical reporting package to complement their existing Avaya Definity ACD. It was decided that N-Focus provided the best solution because of its pricing, functions, and easy-to-use features.

"Based on previous experience with N-Focus, we decided early on that it would be an ideal fit for MAX Well," said Norm York, a TMG Senior Engineer."Once again, its ability to give our customer the flexibility they wanted and the information they needed to see, N-Focus delivered critical capabilities. It was the most cost-effective tool."

Previously, MAX Well’s call center had no real-time reporting capabilities associated with their call center. Creating reports was difficult and the few reports they were able to make manually were limited in scope and flexibility. The number of people who could view reports and other performance data was very limited. In order to generate statistical information on call volume and agent performance, management had to use a manual process that took as much as two hours a day to execute. N-Focus now provides a solution to all these situations and helps management create statistical reports automatically, eliminating the labor-intensive manual processes of the past.

"We've been very happy with what we’ve seen," said Milton Maxwell, Jr., the company’s founder and CEO. "We have almost 15,000 patients all across the United States and process over 2,000 calls per day. The NetLert system has helped us to easily monitor the usage patterns and problems with these efforts. It helps us to continue improving our outstanding customer service our patients like and have come to expect from us."

"Further, the day-to-day operations management needed a way to better utilize their most important asset – their call center agents, which has grown from 17 to 80. “Basically we were running blind on what was happening with our staff in our call center. Real-time views are extremely important to my supervisors, as we are an in-bound 800 number contact center", said Austin Davis, VP of Operations. "N-Focus gives me the power of information on critical data, like abandoned calls, available agents, dropped calls, etc. N-Focus gives me what I need to know, when I need to know it!"

"Seeing how easily our product fit into the system designed for MAX Well – and seeing it immediately solve problems faced in their previous call center set up – was really gratifying," said Danny Councell, President of NetLert Communications. "It’s our goal to keep the end user in mind as we design software solutions for businesses. With N-Focus, clients are able to quickly take advantage of the easy-to-use features and run a more efficient, cost effective call center right from the start."

About NetLert

Based in the mountains of Western North Carolina, NetLert produces a variety of communications and reporting tools for the contact center industry. The company initially offered its enterprise level instant messaging solution, NetLert IM, but has continued to evolve, focusing on developing and refining new software products. Today, NetLert is uniquely positioned in the market place, providing innovative products based on leading-edge technology to contact centers of all sizes. For more information, please visit

About Technology Management Group

Technology Management Group provides telecommunications consulting and engineering services to clients throughout the country. TMG recently merged with Tel-Consultants in San Diego, the industry’s pioneer since 1964 who developed numerous telecom standards and innovations. TMG/Tel-Consultants continue to offer superior voice and data expertise, and are eminently qualified in call center design and operation capabilities. The firm routinely achieves superior service at minimal cost for clients with the most complex telecommunications needs.

About MAX-Well Medical

MAX Well Medical was founded in 2000 to focus on the medical needs of senior Americans. After initially supplying diabetes testing supplies to customers throughout the United States, the company has expanded its service to also focus on providing prescription medications to individuals with complex medication regimens. The company now serves more than 15,000 customers nationwide and continues its rapid growth.